Monday, March 26, 2012


  Do you know where your club is aimed when you strike the ball?
This is critically important information!

What I'm tellling you in this post is, your grip and your hands should be transmitting this information to you.  Because at the moment of your club's impact with the ball, your club should be aimed directly at your target, and your grip should confirm this information to your brain.

Just like a ping pong paddle or a tennis racket, your golf club will start your shot off in the direction it is aimed and in the direction of your swing.  The reason most golfers slice or fade the ball is twofold:
   1- You are cutting across the ball, outside-to-inside
   2- Your club is aimed to the right of your target. (When it's aimed LEFT of your target, you pull the ball.) (But your pro taught you to delay your wrist action, so it's almost never early.)

Here's what your pro is teaching you to make this worse, rather than solving the problem.
   1- He doesn't tell you of the importance of the grip about giving you the information about how your club is aimed.
   2- He tells you to delay your wrist action to gain power, but doesn't inform you of the increased chance of slicing if your hands are late.
   3- He doesn't tell you HOW to cure the outside-to-inside swing path.  He only tells you, "Swing inside-out."
   4-He complicates his instruction with too much unnatural information.  The golf swing can be as natural as using a paddle or a racket, or throwing a ball.

When you grip your club shaft, place your hands on the shaft so that they are on the same plane as the FRONT (LEADING) EDGE OF THE FACE OF YOUR CLUB. This means that your club face is facing the same direction as the palm of your back hand...your right hand, if you are right handed.  Don't count knuckles, don't worry about the direction of the "V's".

Then practice timing your wrist action to have the clubface square at the moment of impact. (This is easier to do originally, if you swing flat like a baseball bat, then, gradually bend down (while still swinging) to the position of hitting a golf shot.)

This is so important that I don't want to make this blog too long.  Next Week, how to cure the outside-to-inside swing path.

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