Sunday, March 11, 2012

OK, Since You Asked, Here Are the Basics of the Golf Swing

     Use the same swing for all golf shots from the longest drive to the short putt.
1.  Keep your head AND SPINE still.  Throughout the swing, don't move them up, down, or sideways. They may turn, but they must occupy the same space throughout the swing.
2.  Put your right elbow on your body as you address the ball, and keep it there until after you have hit the ball. But extend your left elbow out, away from your body.
3. Rotate your shoulders around your spine.  The shoulders drive the golf swing.
4. Transfer your weight back on the backswing, and forward on the throughswing, except for putts and short chips, where the power added by the weight shift is not needed.
5. Cock your wrists back away from the ball, then time them to swing into the ball at the instant you are hitting the ball.
6. Be smooth at the transition from backswing to throughswing, and increase the speed of your swing from the transition at the top until AFTER you have hit the ball. This acceleration is the key to hitting the ball well.  Don't start slowing your swing until after the ball is hit.  The reason for the followthrough is to allow this acceleration into  and through the ball.
7. This swing is powered by the right arm, wrist, and hand for the right handed player, just like throwing a ball sidearm.

These are the basic steps to hitting a golf ball.

There is a lot more information in my book, but I'm trying to keep this short and not bore you to death.  The main thing I'm trying to impress on you is, that the golf swing is not technical or complicated, as most would have you believe.
DO NOT delay your wrist action as many teach. That will make your slice worse.
DO NOT power your swing by pulling with the front arm, throw the club at the ball the same way you would hit a forehand tennis shot, and with the same wrist action and timing.
You do not have to roll your wrists at impact.  just use the same wrist action you would use to throw a ball.

This is not the swing that Tiger woods or Jack Nicklaus would use to be the greatest golfer in the world.  But remember, to make their swings work they hit about 250,000 practice balls a year.  About 15 million practice balls in a lifetime. Is that your goal?

This simple swing is not for pros.  But if you want to enjoy the game, and if your goal is a single digit handicap, this swing will do it.

Remember, as I said before, there's more to golf than hitting the ball.  You should learn to play better by using golf strategy.  Scoring in the 70s includes using your brains, not just your muscles.  And hitting the long ball is not necessary.  (See the title of my book.)

Read my book, HOW SHORT HITTING, BAD GOLFERS BREAK 90 ALL THE TIME.  In THAT, I expand on the swing, and I teach the strategies that will lower your golf scores and will change the way you look at your game for the rest of your life.  It's on, and costs $9.99 for the book or $2.99 for the Kindle...about the cost one a single golf ball.

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