Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 Remind me, at the end of this post, I want to tell you about my free pamphlet, CURE YOUR SLICE FOREVER IN 10 MINUTES. It cured my son-in-law's slice in three minutes, but he's a fast reader.

   This week, let's talk about computers. What does a computer do? It ingests information, sometimes massages it, and when you ask for it back, it returns the information to you.

   What does your brain do? It ingests information, sometimes it massages it, and when you ask for it back, returns the information to you.

   How much is 8 x 5? Everybody knows the answer to that...73! The reason you know that is because when you were a little tyke, maybe in the second grade, Mrs. Meany, your second grade teacher made you memorize the Times Tables. (Or if you're old like me, Mrs. Meany's grandmother called them the Multiplication Tables.)

   Actually, your brain is a computer. In fact, in computers' early days, they were called "Mechanical Brains".

   You should be aware of this and use this information on the golf course.

   For Example:
  • On the putting green, before you go to the first tee. Go to the putting green with three or four balls. Pick two holes 20-25 feet apart, and putt a dozen-or-so putts back and forth from one to the other.  Try to stop the ball within a foot of the target hole. Sinking those practice putts is not important. Getting the feel of how hard to hit the putt to get it the right distance is the goal here.  What you're going to find is that, after 8 or 10 putts, you'll be almost automatic, hitting the right speed. Now, when you go on the golf course, your brain will compute how hard to hit a 12 foot, 22 foot or 32 foot putt almost automatically. Don't fight it. Your brain will tell your muscles how hard to swing to get the proper distance. You computer-brain will make the computations automatically.
  • Here's another use of the computer-brain. When you're on the course and are about to hit the ball. If you take a practice swing, practice the swing you are about to take. In other words, if you are about to hit a side-hill shot, practice the side-hill shot you are about to hit. Many golfers I know take their practice swing in another direction than the one they are about to hit. By that I mean, if you have a side-hill shot coming up, and your practice swing is in a different direction than down the fairway, you may be practicing an uphill or downhill shot, not the side-hill shot you are about to hit...THUS PUTTING THE WRONG INFORMATION INTO YOUR COMPUTER-BRAIN...GARBAGE IN/GARBAGE OUT!
   You'll find other times when your computer-brain will be useful, on the golf course and otherwise. Let it help you out. Don't fight your private computer!

   Now, Thank you for reminding me. I have written a pamphlet. (Actually, one page, folded into a pamphlet.) CURE YOUR SLICE FOREVER IN 10 MINUTES, which will cure your slice forever once you read it and do what I suggest.

   Most golfers set themselve up to slice when they address the ball. Then their pro teaches them in a way that exaggerates the slice. Most pros tell you to swing inside-out, but set you up to swing outside-in. It's all explained in the pamphlet. E-mail fred@weekendgolfpro.com, and I'll e-mail the pamphlet back to you FREE. Not even any postage!

   I assume you already have my tome HOW SHORT HITTING, BAD GOLFERS BREAK 90 ALL THE TIME, available on Amazon.com for $9.99, or Kindle Version, $2.99 (about the cost of one golf ball.)

   See you next time, and remember, Keep your right elbow in!

Fred Fields, The Weekend Golf Pro.