Saturday, May 19, 2012


    I hope you know that I have written a book, HOW SHORT HITTING, BAD GOLFERS BREAK 90 ALL THE TIME. It is available on for $9.99, and Kindle for $2.99.


     The book has been very well received, over 5,500 books sold, thank you.

     In Amazon, there are 12 reviews of the book: 8 reviewed it 5 stars (excellent), 1 reviewed it 4 stars (very good). Then there are the other 3 (OK), one three star, and two two stars (ugh).

     I am thankful for every review, good or bad. The good, of course are helping me sell more books, and gratify my ego for a job well done. The three bad reviews honestly show me the opinions of golfers who think I fell short of the mark.

     Most of the commentary in these bad reviews is about the book being too basic, old stuff just rewritten, nothing that an experienced golfer hasn't seen before. I really can't argue with that. For the low handicap golfer, this is pretty basic stuff. You notice paragraph 2 above..."...for beginning golfers and high handicappers."

     There is also a comment that it is like getting a tip from "one of your buddies", which is also true. I confess in the book that I am not a pro, and the best I have ever been was a 6 handicap golfer. Six handicappers can help 15 and 20 handicappers. A pro or scratch golfer wouldn't expect to learn much from a 6.

     What I'm saying is:
        1. Thank you to all the reviewers, both good and bad.
        2.  If you're a good golfer, you don't need my book. But if you're one of those 50% who never broke 100, read this and learn the golfing information that brought me from scoring in the 120s to the high 70s and low 80s.

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